It's Monday morning. You had a nice restful weekend and you are ready for a nice quiet Monday. Then the phone rings. "I did not receive the report I was expecting this morning". Ok, no problem lets check to see if the reporting server is running…It is. Next you run the query that the report executes to generate the report. No Records! Now you check the data sources with a modified query to see if the component records exist for the criteria specified in the report… After hours of tracing and tracking you find that one of your reporting tables was not populated this morning. Now you need to find the process that populates that table. You find that in the script that has performed that operation, for years without a hitch. Deep in the code you see there is a hard coded IP address for one of the data sources. Then it hits you, Infrastructure had a project last week that changed a legacy subnet to the new architecture. They did this last Monday but your automation script only runs on Sunday. Now begins the mad scramble to make sure this is the only instance where a hard coded IP address was used in your automation and other scripts. If you didn’t have the time to research this before, you definitely don’t have it now, but it is an EMERGANCY at this point. So much for a calm start for the week let alone for the rest of the week. All hands on deck!

I have seen this scenario play out over my career several times with varying causes and outcomes. Invariably there is a project on the horizon for cleaning up and documenting the environment but it always stays on the horizon, just out of reach. You have more important fish to fry. You could just hire someone with the experience and knowledge in systems architecture, scripting, SQL, and programming that could unravel your tangled mess of automation, fix it, and document it but that would be an expensive hire.

Maybe you could contract it out?

I have the experience and the tools need to get this accomplished. I will analyze, map, and document your current automation and data management systems meanwhile taking note of poor practices, security vulnerabilities, and possible efficiencies. Just go to the appointment callendar and set up a free initial consultation and I will give you a good idea what it will take to help you sleep on the weekends!